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Aqua Film Festival 2018 - Third Edition


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With the support of WWAP UNESCO

Hosted and led by UNESCO, the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) coordinates the work of the UN-Water members and partners in the World Water Development Report (WWDR), the voice of the United Nations on the state, use and management of the world’s freshwater resources.

Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

Project benefits from support of the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco ( with Associazione Italiana della Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco onlus.

In June 2006, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided to set up his Foundation in order to address the alarming threats hanging over our planet’s environment. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. The Foundation funds projects in three main geographical regions: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries. The Foundation’s efforts focus on three main sectors: Climate change and renewable energies, biodiversity, and integrated and sustainable water management together with the fight against desertification.

Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Florence

According to the Vienna Convention dating to the 24th April 1963, the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Florence, in the person of the Honorary Consul Dott. Alessandro Antonio Giusti, has many functions: in particular it deals with the mutual development of commercial, social, economic, cultural and scientific relationships between the Principality of Monaco and the area of jurisdiction of this Consulate, which involves the regions of Tuscany and Marche. In order to achieve this aim, the Consulate organises every year many activities in various fields and, in active collaboration with the local autorities, it provides assistance to the Monegasques who are resident or just present in these areas, to the Public Institutions, to the economic Operators and, in general, to people that are interested in the Principality of Monaco.

The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), by authority of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), provides discipline, regulation and management of national sports activities. Coni is a public entity responsible for the organisation and strengthening of national sports and the promotion of maximum proliferation of sport. 

Thanks to the support of CONI, we will underline the importance of water sports for our health and understanding and knowledge of nature, as well as obviously hosting the great champions who have done us proud worldwide


Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

The Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (National Film School) is concerned with discovering and developing new talents.

From eighty years, whole generations of film-makers and some of the most famous figures in Italian cinema have passed through its classrooms and film-studios. The Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (National Film School), which forms part of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental Cinematography Centre), is dedicated to training students for professions in the cinema. Admission to the School is conditional on passing an entrance examination. The interdisciplinary teaching programme prepares students in the specific areas of directing, scriptwriting, acting, photography, editing, sound techniques, production, set-design, costume design.


Associazione Nazionale Comuni Isole Minori

ANCIM is an Association of Municipalities, established Giglio Island in 1986, and consists of 36 Municipalities, 220,000 inhabitants spread over 1,000 kilometers of land and part of the Regions of Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily and Tuscany.
It was born from the need to include the problems of the smaller islands on a national and European level and with the aim of creating a new model of economic development and social integrated between the Italian islands, but also European.
The smaller Italian islands can boast an unique environment, landscape and culture context that can become the engine of the recovery of these territories


Stylist very special jewels known internationally, designer and curator of exhibitions and prestigious events and ‘the daughter of art , comes from a family of architects. Expert Professor for ” the jewel of History ” in several high schools and higher institutions of fashion, he graduated in Stage Design and Art History c / o ‘Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, a specialist at the Uno A Erre in Arezzo and after a Master of High Decoration Applied to Clothing in Florence to Roberto Caps Foundation . He works in Rome, Bari, Florence, Milan and Monte Carlo has more ‘than two hundred exhibitions Almost all personal, in Italy and abroad. Among the numerous exhibitions at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris in ’88 for the Biennale des Femmes, and increasingly in other galleries in Paris , in Savona, in Bari at the Palace of the Province , in Florence at the Palazzo della Signoria .



AQUANIENE THE SPORT CLUB It is the meeting point and gathering open to the public, for those who love sports and shares the values, born of the passion, the courage and the will that has always characterized the Circolo Canottieri Aniene. sporting philosophy.

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The Magazine dedicated to Tourism, Fashion and Luxury to discover all that makes trendy Italy and worldwide.
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