Prizes 2016

Prizes for the AQUAFILMFESTIVAL competition 2016

The jury will award the following Prizes:

  • “SISTER WATER” PRIZE for Best Short Film
  • “SISTER WATER” PRIZE for Best Mini-Short Film

The winners of the SISTER WATER Prize will have the following opportunities:

  1. The winners of the SISTER WATER Prize for the best SHORT FILM and the best MINI-SHORT FILM have the opportunity of taking part in a CSC Lab 2017 of their choice, a workshop for the highly specialized training and experimentation for professionals. The two CSC Labs are provided by the Prima Scuola di Cinema del Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Italiana, the Italian National Film School. For further information regarding the CSC Lab click here.
  2. The winner of the SISTER WATER Prize for the best SHORT FILM will have the opportunity of working alongside the filmmakers from the Italian Navy Communication Office and taking part in the making of a commemorative video for their traditional end of year concert. The winner will be present and directly involved in all the phases of a highly professional project produced with ultra-modern means, from the scene design, to the shooting and editing.


  • AQUA FILM University of Tor Vergata Students Prize: Special Mention for the Short Film or Mini-Short Film, which best combines the cinematographic language – including experimental – with the theme of Water.
  • AQUA FILM Prize: Special Mention for“best direction” The winner will be selected from the Short Films and Mini-Short Films. The winning video may be broadcast on the site, with previous permission and formal agreement with the holders of the rights for the work.
  • AQUA FILM ANCIM Prize – Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni delle Isole Minori: (National Association of the Minor Islands Communes) special mention for short film with “best screenplay”.The winner will receive a free holiday for two persons, on one of the ANCIM member islands during a traditional festivity. This will also be an opportunity to film a video about the island, which will then participate in the second edition of the AQUA FILM FESTIVAL.

The Jury also has the faculty to award 3 Special Mentions (inclusive of both Short Films and Mini-Short Films) that best embody the Festivals three sub-themes:

  2. SEA WATER” SPECIAL MENTION -The winner will be awarded the painting by the Roman artist Dibi “Mare D’inverno”(Winter Sea) – Marine genre painted in the late twentieth-century on cardboard with contemporary frame in gold and enamel – donated by the Artemare Gallery. To get a preview of the painting click here.

The organizers reserve the faculty to include additional prizes still to be finalized, which will be provided by the sponsors.


All the female spectators attending the Festival who send their personal details to the e-mail address provided at the entrance to the Casa del Cinema, will be given a special AcquaGym class studied for women and expectant mothers (MammaGym). This will be held at the Aquaniene pool in Rome and be given by the pioneer of water aerobics Eleonora Vallone –